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Alfa Laval MRPX410


Alfa Laval MRPX410

Alfa Laval MRPX410

Used centrifuge

Capacity: 7,000 lt./h. milk total skimming

titration, standardization, cleaning up to 10,000 lt. / h



18.5 kW electric motor, drum speed 6.000rpm


Complete with the following accessories:

-Complete set of keys for drum dismantling,

-Machine base-frame to be floored,

-New electric panel complete with inverter and PLC into s.s. cabinet; (Be careful, when the machine has its own original (old) control panel sometimes there isn’t the inverter and the machine has its normal clutch) ;

-New operating water group with switching valves, 20lt. stainless steel tank, float and stainless steel pump;

-instruction manual

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