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Battery foil production line


Battery foil production line

Battery foil production line

Used battery foil production line. Capacity 300-500 kg/h of olimer roduct. The line consists of:

1. Planetary extruder made by Entex (Bohum) type TP-WE 150/1800 M2 EV 5 5 m. Extruder has 3 heating cooling agregates oli type equiped with lastic melting pum swiss made 0,7 m, euipped with electronic metal separator HS series Hamos Gmbh, euipped with de-airing system based on vacuum um type Elmo made by Siemens Germany, euiped with hydraulic station for semicontinous screen changing for liquid lastic, type BDOC X 2,1 m made by BD Plast Gmbh Germany, equied with extrusion die type MO-400 45 with 900 mm working width made by 1 m Verbruggen N.Y.

2. Calander made by Entex with 3 calandering rolls 3,2 m and 1000 mm wide + extra smoothing roll. Calander is heated, daylight between rolls can be adjusted hydraulicly with 0,01 mmaccuracy.

3. Film (foil) receiving and automatic cutting station for sides of film 2 pcs x 3,7 m.

4. 2 pcs of receivers (foil storage with 20 mb of film each)

5. Automatic winder of ready foils 2 station 2,7 m

6. Radiator + optic sensor 1,2 m

7. electrostatic filter

Planetary extruder is esecially recomended for systems producing plastics with high filling content for examle powdered paints, mastebaches, wood comosites etc. In cases requiring very good homogenisation of melt mix at the same time not overheating the melt. Planetary extruder WE 150 can produce powdere3d aints with capacity 900 kg/h of lastic.

Machine wotrked 1250 hours.

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