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800x800 mm, 61 plates, PP plate, filter press


800x800 mm, 61 plates, PP plate, filter press

800x800 mm, 61 plates, PP plate, filter press

Filter press style Side bars made from solid steel


Gasekted Plate size 800mmX800mm

No. of chamber filter plates 61pcs

No. of chambers 60pcs

Cake thickness 30mm

Designedchamber volume 987 litter

Max Designed T emperature 60 centi degree

Max Designed Feeding pressure 10 bar

Max hydraulic pressing pressure 25Mpa

Max hydraulic protecting pressure 29Mpa

Hydraulic cylinder type double acting

Plateshifting driving method

chain driving mechanism plate


Feeding port inlet position center


Parts incontact with product: PP

Other parts: stainless steel304

Filter cloth material PP ,cake sidetreated

Surface Protection

1 rust removing bysandblasting,1

ply prime coat, 1 ply top epoxy

coat. 1 topcoat

hydraulic cylinder size

stroke: 450mm

inner side diameter:200mm

External size,approx. Electrical and hydraulic pack excluded 6465mm(L)X1200mm(W)X1200mm(W)

Total weight, appox. Electrical and hyraulic pack weight included 3900Kgs

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