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2000 Membrane Series Filter Press


2000 Membrane Series Filter Press

2000 Membrane Series Filter Press

2000 Membrane Series Filter Press

Membrane 2000 Automatic Plate Shifting Filter Press Operation and Sizing Instructions


Filter press model: 2000 automatic plate shifting filter press

Filter Press plate size: 2000mmX2000mm membrane filter plates

Filter Plate Thickness: up to Leo Filter Press design in order to meet different material filtering requirements

Filter Plate Quantity Arrangement: up to Leo Filter Press design and special requirements from users

Filter Plate Filtering Temperature Endurable: 0-90 centi degree (standard designed models); max 120 centri degree

Filter Press Filtering Pressure Available:0.6-2Mpa(standard designed models)

Filter Press closing method: automatic closing by a hydraulic closing system


Operation and Sizing Characteristics for 2000 Automatic Plate Shifting Filter Press:

1. Adopt patent mould pressing filter plate producing technology, high intensity, high temperature endurable, light weight, anti-corrosion, alkali and acid resistance, nontoxic and odorless

2. High strength and special mould design for Polypropylene membrane filter plates, fasting filtering speed,uniform cake formation and washing,less moisture content and easy to maintenance.

3. The filter press frame is made from solid steel designed to be high working intensity and strength, the side bars can support the total weight of filter press plates and cakes during filtration, can endure the high pressure caused during filtering, good sealing performance between filter plates.

4. Reasonable structure design, perfect filtering performance during filtration

5. Release and close all the filter press plates by a hydraulic system, Max. hydraulic closing pressure can be 25Mpa, automatic pressure sustaining design

6. Easy, safe and labor saving of filter press operation, all the continuous action can be accomplished by pressing the buttons on the controlling panel of the filter press.

7. Special designed safety operation devices which will guarantee filter press operators safe operation.

8. Various special design factors can be added : filter cake chute, filter cake cart, platform, catwalk, filter cake belt conveyor, filter cake screw conveyor, filter cake hopper ,PLC control for DCS communication, for automatic functions ,X1250 can be designed to have automatic filter cloth washing function, filter cloth shaking function, filter cloth vibrating function, if you have such special requirements please show them to Leo sales engineers


2000 Membrane Automatic Plate Shifting Filter Press Operation and Sizing Specification List

If there is marked *, the filter press frame will have a set of supporting legs.


Upper mentioned filter press specification only for your reference.If there is any special designed system been added; the specifications will be various please refer to final filter press GA finally.


For Filter Press users please refer to your 2000 Automatic Plate Shifting Filter Press Operation and Maintenance Manual" for more detailed information.

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