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Industrio Service Piotr Pruski
Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 21/80,
02-366 Warsaw, Poland

NIP: 526-141-17-10
REGON: 015238431

Langiewicza st. 17, loc. 2,
02-071 Warsaw, Poland

Pułaskiego st. 2,
05-660 Warka, Poland

+48 (0-22) 883-12-40
+48 (0-22) 883-12-41
+48 (0-22) 883-22-72
+48 (0-22) 883-22-73

+48 (0-22) 883-22-73

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About us

Industrio Service was established in 2004 in Warsaw. We are a Polish company.
Since the beginning our company supplies many factories in different industries with used and new machines and complete production lines in Poland and in the world.

Working with our customers often requires providing unconventional and technically hard services. We are effective with finding concrete machines for specific needs of our customers.

Except of just selling we also offer a wide range of services:

  • technical and commercial advise
  • dismantling and removal
  • loading
  • international and over size load spedition and transport
  • instalallation
  • commisioning and start up
  • with new machines also warrianty and CE and other required certificates ofcourse.

In our warehouse we have our own machines as well as units given to us on exclusive consignment basis for further selling.

Industrio Service has extensive database about used and new machines available in Poland and abroad.

Each of our customers is equally important to us. This is why we provide individual care and attention. Over the years we have earned trust from both small family owned firms as well  as known international concerns. We provide references upon request.

We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of selling your idle assets and machines through Industrio Service. Please contact us: (+4822) 883-12-40, 883-12-41, 883-22-72, 883-22-73

Photos, films and technical description can also be send to our general office e-mail adress biuro@industrio.pl.

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