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SW-YS Trójwalcarka hydrauliczna


SW-YS Trójwalcarka hydrauliczna

SW-YS Trójwalcarka hydrauliczna

New Hydraulic three roll mills SW-YS.


Three roll mills are widely used to mix electronic thick film inks, high performance ceramics, cosmetics, plastisols, carbon/graphite, printing inks, paints, glass, coatings, pharmaceuticals etc.


Operating principle:

The three adjacent rolls of a three roll mill (called the feed roll, center roll and apron roll) rotate at progressively higher speeds. Material, usually in the form of paste, is fed between the feed roll and the center roll. Due to the narrowing space between the rolls, most of the paste is rejected to the feed region. The part that makes it through the first in-running nip experiences very high shear force. Upon exiting, the material that remains on the center roll moves through the second nip between the center roll and apron roll, which subjects it to even higher shear force due to the higher speed of the apron roll. A knife blade then scrapes the processed material off the apron roll and transfers it to the apron.





1. One of the best wet grinding equipment for grinding and refining.

2. The space between different rolls can be changed manually.

3. It is suitable for processing highly viscous materials.